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Initial 2-4 hour consultation includes:

Natal, Progression, and Transiting charts with interpretation. $200.00


Additional consultations for :

6 month update, relocation, specific event charts, pet charts $100-$150


Our personally written "Dynamic Report"

just for Children



Relationship, Synastry, Composite:

You and your partner, business

associate, Mother, father, sister etc:

$250.00 -$325.00

Our personally written "Dynamic Report" just for Children
Has an emphasis on the planet Mercury. Mercury indicates  how a child learns, hears, communicates, and expresses him or herself  in a child's astrological chart. The planet Mars is one of the dynamics in the natal chart. Mars is the action, and the movement in the chart. The Moon is the emotional reactions and responses of the child, this too is a focus in the interpertation. In addition to our personally written "Dynamic Report" you will recieve a printed computerized Adult interpertation (approximately 20 pages) of the childs Natal chart which covers both personal and career. This report allows you possibly head off trouble before it starts, or strengthen and possibly draw out great hidden talents and strengths. As with all consults you will also recieve a copy of the Natal Chart.
We include all the planets when interpertating the child's chart and any outstanding aspects. The progressions that have direct impact on the child in his or her enviroment. A great learning tool for parents, grandparents, teachers, and daycare providers. The Indigo children (children born between April 1995 and December 2003 are Indigo children) are starting to come in to their own. Indigo children are so often misunderstood. A "Dynamic Report" can help explain why these children learn differently then past generations.
We are offering this now as a complete package because of the overwhelming and positive reponse we have recieved from our regular clients.

All our Initial, Update and regular Consultations

Include a copy of the Natal Chart and Progressed Chart,

a 2-4 hour in person consultaion personally tailored to cover important things in regards to you, using your natal, progressed chart and current tranists (what is going on now), as well as what is important for you in the year ahead.  In lieu of an in person visit you can instead recieve a taped personal interpertation approximately 90 minutes with the above listed information addressing speciific areas of interest.

A printed computerized interpertation covering personal and professional life(approximately 20 +/- pages), as well as a printed computerized interpertation of the year ahead to take home and refer to for important dates over the next year.

Relationship, Synastry, and Composite Consults

Include both persons Natal, Progressed, and Composite charts. along with a personally tailored 2-4 hour in person consult covering both persons natal charts, current tranists, and how both charts interact, tough and sticking points, imbalances, (is it really as bad as it seems, or is it a passing tranist, that will be over soon? Are they gone for good or will they be back next week? Is it a good idea to be business partners and lovers? Or just what is up after 2o years of Marriage?) Astrology can really help and give clarity with these questions.

In addtion you will also receive a printed computerized interpertation of how both your charts interact, and how you get along, what is important in each persons eyes and how you each other, the relationship, life. (approximately 20 + pages) If you would like two copies of this report, one for each, simply make your request when you make your appointment and we will be glad to oblige!