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Two Astrologers is officially Transformed!
Come Check out  Astro Currents
November 2006 Preview
now posted on Astro Currents
The site will be similar with some changes and more
and more polishing to come.
I will no longer be posting on this site as of November
You should look for the Free Forecast at Astro Currents.
Click on the link below to go there and bookmark.
I hope you enjoy the new site.

Astrology can offer insight into a variety of situations.
Click on the tabs above for information you are looking for, if you don't find it, feel free to write us.
Your input is Welcome!

If you would like a free Copy of your Natal Chart so you can follow along with the monthly forecast. Or you are not ready for a full reading and you would like to check out some great reasonably priced reports to get a better idea of what astrology is all about you can do all of the above by clicking the link below and checking out Astrolabe reports services,and get a free natal chart via email.


The Stars Guide, but YOU Decide

Upon the moment of birth the planets are aligned in a unique position. This unique position of the planets directly relates to the map of your life. Interpreting the astrological chart provides you with insight into your talents, gifts, challenges, weaknesses and strengths.

The date, location, and time of your birth are all that are required to reveal how movements in the sky have a profound influence on your affairs and decisions.



If you want and need more information email for an appointment..

Two Astrologers

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Serving the New England Region

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You can e-mail us at:

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We have recently become aware of astrology ad banners popping up on the bottom of our web pages for computer generated charts and reports. We do not use or endorse any of these sites.  If you are interested in this type of service we recommend you go to  Rob Hands site, or Jonathan Cainer well worth the money in lieu of a personal reading!