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What our clients say about our consults.

I highly recommend using the Two Astrologers,Marilyn Harquail and Pamela Cains Astrology services. Between the two of them, you get many, many years of astrological knowledge and experience. The consultations/readings they give are enlightening, thorough, well-rounded and accurate.

For instance, back in October 2002 they told me that if I did leave my job by April 2003 I would either get laid off or fired, and sure enough I got laid off. It was quite a shock to me because there was no forewarning given to me by my employer at the time, but, I certainly did receive my warning from Pam and Marilyn. That is just one example I can give of their astrological talents and abilities.

I particularly like how they really try their best at honing in on the timing of events as this is something of great interest to me when I receive my consultations/readings. Plus, they're two of the most genuine, honest, caring, amicable women I know and I really look forward to my next consultation/reading with them and enjoy spending time together when I visit or call.

I always leave them feeling invigorated and refreshed! I recommend them to anyone I encounter that is interested in getting their chart done to learn more about themselves, their life, career, family, health, etc. I hope you decide to see for yourself! God bless.

You will never meet two people who know more about astrology or who love it as much. I have had the great pleasure of having a few charts done by Marilyn and Pam. Their in depth reading helped me on many levels immensely. Both are warm and caring and are a joy to be around. You feel their passion for what they do just by being in the room and listening to them read your chart. As a team there could be no better. They balance and compliment each other very well. If you have the opportunity to have a chart done by these wonderful ladies then you will truly have the experience of a lifetime. Becky Donahue, Maine

Two Astrologers

Franklin, MA 02038