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Astrology Book Reviews and Helpful Links

This page will contain reviews of astrology related books, and interesting astrology links we have come accross that you may find helpful. If you have read an astrology related book and would like to have your review posted to share, please email it to Thanks


Beginners Books


If you are new to astrology and want to learn the basics

in an easy humorous way, I highly  recommend:

"Astrology For The Light Side of The Brain"

by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

Copyright 1995

ACS Publications

ISBN: 0-935127-35-6


Even if you are knowledge this is an enjoyable refreshing read with A few new slants.

Kim's book will guide you through your chart and Astrology basics in an easy to understand language in a way that you will enjoy and be fully entertained. Kim gives good explanations of

The Planets (inner and outer)

Chiron and the major Asteroids

The Houses

The Aspects


Synastry and Composite Charts.

She also addresses all those technical terms you hear often in astrology, such as IC, MC, Horary, Electional, Mundane, etc.

She finishes her book, by listing many resources for astrological associations, astrology software,groups, magazines , publishers, schools, conferences, chart calculation services etc.

You will thoroughly enjoy reading this book and learn astrology too.


Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology Skymates

Authors: Jodie Forrest, Steve Forrest                     

    Publisher: Seven Paws Press, 2002  POB 2345 Chapel Hill NC 27515

Soft cover: $19.95                                                          

Skymates is a collaboration between Jodie Forrest and Steve Forrest. The authors state, This new edition of Skymates is based on the previous edition in about the same way a Boeing 777 is based on the contraption the Wright brothers flew.  Skymates is an expanded version of the original book. The book builds on Steve Forrests previous works, but is not dependant. It does not contain analysis of composite charts. A separate book on composite chart analysis is in the works due to be released in 2003.


The new edition of Skymates has taken a revolutionary, in depth, and holistic look at how we relate to others via our planets and aspects.  The beginning of the book is devoted to a brief but comprehensive explanation of basic astrology, signs, planets, houses, etc. geared toward the beginning astrologer. Even for the initiated this short section contains reference tables of valuable keywords and phrases.

The initial half of the book is devoted to exploring the charts as separate entities

The later half of the book is devoted to exploring the interaction between the charts, synastry!


Newcomers to astrology or synastry will appreciate how the authors lay out a simple step, by step approach with lots of encouragement for walking through the maze of interpreting how through the lens of astrology people relate to one another. If you are an experienced astrologer, this is an invaluable reference book, with exciting new interpretations and guidelines to keep your analysis on track and innovative. The book is sprinkled with entertaining metaphors and analogies that point the reader to a new perception if not comical realizations. Many a chapter begins with an editorial new look at an old devil plaguing relationships and astrology


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